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Information for Contributing Employers

Information for Contributing Employers

Information for Contributing Employers

CDSP Electronic Submissions

Starting with the first remittance in 2003年1月, employers were asked to submit their remittance advice, as well as all employee status changes through the “CDSP Electronic Submission Website.” This submission method eliminates the manual input of data by importing 401(k) deferral contributions and changes in miners’ status directly into the CDSP database. This process improves efficiency, eliminate manual input error, and reduce time lag on deferral contribution postings and miner’s status changes.

There are two basic files types supported: fixed length and fixed position-comma separated, with each supporting multiple variations. Files may be uploaded via the Funds’ special website, or, for those employers that do not have an easy way of creating files for upload, data entry screens are available for manual data entry (this is only recommended for small volumes of data).

As soon as you are ready to begin your Web Site Electronic Submission, please have a supervisor or manager email the CDSP ([email protected]) requesting set-up of your login account. Request must include your name, email address, and coal company name. If you require more than one (1) login account, please provide the CDSP with the additional names, email addresses and coal company names.

In accordance with the Coal Wage Agreement and Plan documents, employers are required to submit payments and remittance advice forms postmarked within five (5) calendar days after the payday on which the deductions have been withheld from the participant’s gross pay. Please continue to direct your deferral checks to the Trustees of the UMWA Cash Deferred Savings Plan of 1988, P. O. 223779, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2779.

To connect directly to the CDSP Electronic Submission Website, please click on this link: UMWA CDSP Electronic Submission Website

For a complete version of the UMWA CDSP Electronic Submission Instructions, please click on this link: UMWA CDSP Electronic Submission Instructions